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Graphical Requests. Empty Graphical Requests.

Post  KamikaziWolf on Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:45 am

If you would like a signature or an avatar or something made for your website please post here and let us know!
The request will be sent to one of our 3 Designers. FutureDesigns the head Grapics designer, Me or titas.

Let us know what you want in your request here an example

Theme: Dark Evil stuff
Colour Scheme: Black, Grey, Red and Purple
Writing: KamikaziWolf

Theme: Mystical
Colour Scheme: Red and Purple
Writing: Rawrr

Here's some example of what i have made, I will let Future and titas know that they should post there Samples.
My Signature.
Graphical Requests. MySig
Avatar, I made it big so you can see in full detail.
Graphical Requests. Test1-1

KamikaziWolf ~

Graphics Designer in training! geek

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