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RuneKing Launch! Empty RuneKing Launch!

Post  FutureDesigns on Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:37 am

Hello all,

The RuneKing launch has been a large success so far, and we aim to have a much larger audience and aim to be up there, with some of the number one sites.

RuneKing :

RuneKing is a brand new Site, full of Tutorials and Server related threads all to help you get along with your time on Private servers. Any member of RuneKing can post a Tutorial or Download as long as they abide the rules and make sure everything is safe and Virus free.

Community Management :

As the RuneKing Community expands, we will always need more staff, look out for any positions and try not to Spam the forums to increase your Chances.

Credits to :

IX Hybrid XI - The Forum Founder, where would we be without you?

FutureDesigns - The Forum Designer ( He deals with the cosmetics and layout ). Also the creator of the Runeking Banner.

And to all the rest of the Community management team.

Im looking forward to seeing your Content!


On Behalf of,
The RuneKing Community Management Team
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RuneKing Launch! Empty Re: RuneKing Launch!

Post  Ix Hybrid Xi on Sat Oct 09, 2010 2:19 am

Well said mate, We should go far Smile.

RuneKing Launch! Siggggyyy
Ix Hybrid Xi
Ix Hybrid Xi
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