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Client/Server Download Rules Empty Client/Server Download Rules

Post  Jalla on Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:29 pm

Client and Server Downloading

If you are going to post in the RS 503+ Client and server Download section,
You Must follow these rules :

When posting/releasing a download:
- Make sure you are posting work that is yours. If it's someone elses, show proof of permission to post.
-Do not post decompiled or deobfuscated work, as it is not yours.
-If the work isn't all yours, please give credits. It will help reduces flame and spam on your thread as well.
-Pictures are needed pictures or Other media such as videos are optional. If you don't include pictures, the thread will be locked.
-You have until 24 hours after the thread is posted to add pictures, before a moderator can lock it.
-If there is a specific client for the server, PLease tell us wich one is needed or what revision.
-Do not post any viruses ,keylogger .exe etc, put a picture for proof that it isnt virsu with virus scan picture or you will be banned if its infected/virus etc.

Failure to Abide these rules will result in severe punishment. Hacking IS Against the LAW.

I hope I have enunciated clearly enough for you.

Thankyou very much!

XI Hubrid IX

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