GoF-rs private server | construction | webclient| need STAFFF

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GoF-rs private server | construction | webclient| need STAFFF Empty GoF-rs private server | construction | webclient| need STAFFF

Post  slimjimm336 on Thu May 16, 2013 9:09 pm

Welcome to GoF-rs

www . gof-rs . webs . com

Server has Vote4Rewards, auto donation, highscores, custom titles, cool game of thrones related items fractions and titles, Custom minigames and items, Webclient.

WE NEED STAFF BRAND NEW SERVER WITH BRAND NEW Highscores-which admins cannot be on-. to apply go to forums


Pick your fraction

Play Custom minigames

Become the Kingslayer

If your Rich enough become the King of the Server

Be the first to crack the secret wall safe

Kill zombies

Fight hard bosses

GODWARDS with animations real animinations the npc really moves like its in real life like if that npc was right in the room with u it would look like what it looks like right here in this client right now webclient on the computer screen


Get some spirit shields

Build a house public or private

CONSTRUCTION U can make a house A HOUSE that u can LIVE IN u could live in this house just live in it and watch bad videos when no ones home at the house that u just made

Kill barrelchest

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