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Post  D3mons dead on Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:13 am

Ultimatum - X Banner2

****D3monscape was the name before i decided to change it****
********Will make a new one when i have the time**********

This was the project i worked on before i started my 525 hyperion,and i decided to finish it off
and host it while i work on my hyperion.

"Server Summary":

***************Server Summary*******************
Is a server made for the sole purpose of fun/entertaining gameplay.ive played
many rsps's and have been a player myself,i know the things that people want ,and
and are looking for in a server,as a owner it is hard to listen to all your players
and be able to fullfil all theyre needs,and therefor some of the most benefitial
things that should be in a server arent,but instead ingored.I have been in the footsteps
of one of those players,and am tired of players getting treated like theyre opinions
dont count.The server population if made from the players,and they create the
game community,and have the right to speak out,call out errors and correct each
other/staff member/owner/coder or what ever the case is.This server will be a Economy
based server built on the fact that sure everyone loves a great spawn server
once in a while ,who doesent? but after just a short time of playing you start to get
really bored ,due to the lack of diversity. This server will be run For the people
and by the people.In that sence if the players say they want somthing and the
general population agree's with that idea, it will be taken into consideration and
completed to the best of our possiblities.

-Nothing is perfect,you can always make it better,and by setting a a title and
stage of perfection you also limit yourself within those boundaries.


-The gameplay is all based around one another, by this i mean you dont just buy
items from a store and use them to skill,u can only buy basic things from stores,
or basic armours ,up to rune and other things like this.There will be skiller shops
But they will not be static,they are made global and once the limited items are sold out
they will remain sold out until reset by me.The server Has a safeworld,where its safe
everywhere,including the wild and is made to be for skilling/skillers and for people
who love to kill/gain riches from killing and conquering mighty NPC.Then there is a
PVP world ,this world is PVP everywhere ,except for in designated safezones.The pvp
world is setup to be a BH target world,with EP and Level range.you also have potential
of getting targets so u mayb kill,and attack other players and will not be punished for
it,this is the way the system was setup to work.

-To play the game you must so through a custom starter/tutorial on your first login,
after you select your character looks,it will start ,and you shall recieve a starter
once you complete and are teleported from the starter area.Each skill works with one another.

You theive seeds from a master farmer.
Then you plant those seeds for herbs.
You then use those herbs to make potions
after cleaning them.
You then use those potions in combat.

Exsample 2:
You go to druids area.
You kill druid and take the herbs/seeds they drop.
You then plant those seeds take the herbs from there
and the ones they dropped before.
You then clean those herbs and use them to make potions
which are then used in combat.

These are just 2 exsample of MANY MANY methods of raising skills.

-You make money from each and every skill i have added methods
for players to make money,without having to sell theyre
skilling products to other players,i have added ways of making money
within the game itself,that u can find around Ultimatum-X.

-The only skills that dont make you money while raising them are Prayer
,Magic,Herblore,summoning,and construction.

These skills are made to have personal benefits that come with having a high
level in them,and therefore will make you money for by selling the product
of skilling with them,but the cost of raising these levels out weigh the

"Source Details":
---------Source details---------

-508/525 - Not CodeUsa Will add more when i get the time.



-All bolt specs work 100% with effects

-all barrows work 100%(except for ahrims and karils)becuase i dunno theyre
effect will look into,and do later.

-all weapon specs from the revision work 95%,im gonna finsih it off soon.

-Made my combat work with the famour Triangle combat system every knows
Exsample:melee weakness is range,range weakness is mage,
mage weakness is melee etc etc.

-Ep system is 100%

-Pvp drops work with Ep system,according to risked wealth,and ep percentage.

-Player with most damage gets Pvp drop,and and normal drop.
Scenerio:I attack someone,i run 10 steps and then i stop combat, then someone
trys to steal my kill and they ko,my kill ,i would still get the pvp drop as long as
i did more damage.

-poisening works 100%

-mage works 100%

-fallowing in combat with all types(range,mage,melee)

-autocasting 100% ,i only did it with ancients,cuz i never heard of anyone who
auto cast with any other spell book,but can be added at anytime.

-Damage system works also,according tto your equipment ,and levels as well.
Exsample:bolts have a max damage set,but also have a range strenght of theyre
own ,this is just one small exsample,but get the point.

-spells barely hit and splash if u dont have high mage bonus.

-Bh PVP world,with targets/safezones etc.

-Bank timer,exsactly like rs.

-Real icon, PVP(hotzone)/ Safe / Multi

-you get statuettes from pvp drops,and sell em to mandrith(best i can think of
that related to pvp)

-theres many more features that i will update tommorow.


-I started redoing PVN.

Currently i have:

-all z508's had and more.

-most specs working NPc, will finish tommorow.

-Npc fallowing, havnt done clipping,but i started on it am close to done.

-my PvN hitting methods work the same as in PVP.

-magic/range and melee on npc.


-correct timers

-correct gfx's and emote for the npc i have added.

-drops load from a class file,for such things related to quests,defenders or anything
untradble/clue scrolls/charms etc.

-drops that are for general drops/that can be lootshared/coinshared
are loaded from cfg.

-drops work by who ever hit the most damage when not in loot/or coinshare
mode or in clan.

-Any other feature u seen in a z508 or 508, or 525 i also have ,like tranforming
switching prayers,with effects and much more.

-Prayers on npc

-And much more will update tommorow!

-Various agility courses (1 out of 3 done)-will be adding the rest.

-Agility shortcuts started,not done all of them.-will be adding more

-agility levels effects your energy restoration rate and drain.

-mote details just cant think of any atm.


-Fish catches are random not timed

-all fishes,including rocktail and new ones.

-all required items,including bait and feathers needed ,if using specfic types of fishing.
-diffrent syles of fishing.(net/fishing rods/cage harpoon ,etc.)

-fishing is 100%

-And more.


-picking flax,making strings.

-making ammy,rings and other jewelry.

-hide crafting,and armours.

-Alot more there and still coming.


-Able to fletch all logs

-arrows,arrows shaft,bows and diffrent types,

-Flethcing is 100%


-crafting all runes

-pouches added

-great way of getting to alters(interface/npc)

-need pure ess for specfic runes.

-miltiple rune making according to levels,just like in rs.


-summon all familiars/proper fallowing,about 80% to finishing clipping.

-Summoning combat - almost done combat for them,just a couple of bugs,
and attack emotes needed.

-healing familiars all work 100%,need scrolls to let it heal.

-Beast of burden 100%,with bank all,take all,limits according to familiar,
and saving of BOB items.

-Alot more familiat effects added,such as ones that give u stat bonuses.

-started class on Familiar specs.

-started (about 60-70% done familiar vs npc combat)

-restore points at obeslisks

-Make pouches, with requirement,correct interface, etc.

-spec scrolls creating.


-Fully working slayer task system (random ammount,diffrent tasks,
npc assigned according to combat/and slayer) and more
-fully working slayer gem.

-cant attack slayer npc,unless u have correct levels.

-item requirements for attacking slayer npc,active.

-Coming soon (bonuses for damage,acurracy etc, against slayer npc)

-much more ,cant remember atm.


-Pickpocketing, every single npc ,known i added it to.(also picketing with items
such as master farmer gives u seeds,and seeds are according to your farming lvl

-Stalls work 100%

-picking locks and other requirement work.

-Working on minigames to do with theiving.

-will be addding more,(added all i know about theiving for now)


-Cooking is about 70% atm,i only have a bit more to add

-did cooking with more then 1 item,such as pizza's and other stuff.

-alot more ,cant think about atm.


-Can cut every tree

-Possibility of hatchet breaking

-Random, not timed

-tree disappear and re spawn

-some more details,that just make it better.will add when i got a bit more time.


-started chins/birds.lizard etc(works with randoms catching timed,not always same)

-imp hunting/catching and looting works 100%

-Will make hunt gear give u better chances of capture (soon)


-Lunar 90% of spells work correctly(ill finish them up)

-Ancients 100% of spells work.

-Modern 75% of spells work

-train by alching,combat,teleporting ,w.e u want all ways work.


-Started (about 40-50%)

-made all methods work,just need to finished editing the loading for contruction mapdata.

-all methods are in,just need to add the rest of the object/items
and room.

-started Dungeon,but need more mapdata to make it full.

-Its in the server,but only i can get to POH atm,till i fix more bugs.



-patching growning(made them shorter then in rs,i dont like how it takes to long)
exsample: Rs takes 15min ,mine takes min and half,rs takes 30min ,min takes 3min.

-working(in diseased patches,just need the object id)

-the farming npc,stores your items for you and u can take them when ever needed.
(options of 1,5,10,15) per item. and may differe from items.

-there way more but dont have time to type it down,will do later.


-Full working mining!

-Ore's at random, not timed

-rock disappear/become unminable and then go back to normal.

-gem mining

-rune essence mining

-this is all i knew about mining at the time,and will look more into it.


-Can make any fires.(working on clipping for this.)

-firelighter work to make coloured fires.

-all i could think of about the skill and i will research it more later.


-alters (of course)

-guilded alters 100%

-all bone burying

-working on making ecto work.

-all Prayers work of course!

-Added prayer book switching method,but isent 100%

(if anyone can help me with this would be appreciated if not ill figure it out. Very Happy)


-smithing all items work.

-smething bars work.

-Smithing money for bars instead of items(like 317) works as well

-Making it so u can smith dragon,soon i find it more intresting that way.
(dragon bars will be from clue scroll rewards only)


-u can make almost every pot,and soon will be able to make all
(left out the ones no one use)

-all pots have effects,exsactly like rs,from overloads to summoning pots.
(damages and emote or any other feature added)
-newer pots like extreme and overload are added ,but can only be obtained

from herblore.

-Pot dose mixing with all pots that u can make.

-there way more,but cant think of atm.

NOTE* I dont use itemonitem for almost anything,i create my own handlers
for about 95% percent of them.


-All that other stuff other servers have,i have as well(just havent
mentioned them .on the thread.)


-Jad waves (basic Code usa one,but i fixed it up a bit,and am making it
12 wavess for donators,and 62 for normal.)

-RFD waves (for rfd gloves acess)

-Ancients waves(for ancient spell book acess)

-lunar waves( for lunar specll book acess)

-Bounty hunter(100% - with real crators,not height bullshit)
-The scoreboards work 100% as of now,i made them load from ,cfg files.
though i havent tested it with more then 4 players so ,there could be bugs,that
i am not aware of.

-Fight pits (85% ,still need to add vewing orbs)

-pest control (90%, still need to add a couple of things)

-clanwars (started on selections for it,atm u can only choose from 2 feilds)
-Free for all, and started risked (Not height bullshit, seperate maps.)

-seen Pali's zombie survival on youtube and made a game alike to his,
but with diffrent npc ,instead of zombie. havent come up with a name yet.

-barrows, work like rs ,with killcount and more etc.

-Dual arena - Basic ,will work on staking ,when i get the time,(missing child ids)

-Theres alot more,but ive been typing for a bit now,and i cant think anymore.
will update tommorow.


-Added clue scroll system,just need interface id and child ids so i
can finish it off.(25 clue scrolls atm)

-Added my own quest system,for checking what point of quest u should be on and
updating all according to it.

-Clan chat with Lootshare, and i added in coinshare ,but i need configs for the button
to make it work correctly.

-clan chats save(everything not just the cc)Used .dat to savbe them
ranks/kicks/talking requirements/entering clan chat requirements and more!

-Banking ,almost full just need tabs and it willbe 100% ,im looking into it atm.

-trading is almost 100% ,i have evrything for it,accept for lending(i wanna work on this
later (not #1 priority atm)) Note* there is trade prices displaying ,but there no
trade limit ,in play i thinks its retarded and the dumbest idea for a rsps.

-freind list work,with pming/split chat and i blocked out all the things that
make client crash/same goes in for clan chat.

-ignore list works.

-voting and other links assesable from ingame,Not the one released on (RL)
i had it wokring before that. ask drizzy drake, he saw it.

-theres alot more features i honestly cant think of atm,and are slipping my mind.


-Economy is not based on a spawn economy.

-you must make money,and earn it the old fashion way,by pking,or killing npc,
skilling and many other way.

-The prices are exsactly the same as rs was when i used to play but making money is about
5-10 time easier ,which varries from what you are doing to make money.


---Owner pkin---



-i will update daily from now on ,until i release a public beta.
-starting tommorw will be my first update in here.
-made this thread for me to keep track of my progress.


Added Duel arena settings:
No pots,no range,etc etc
Still need:Child id's to finish staking & Configs for circles to cancel the equipment.

Finished BOB 100%:
Finsihed adding deposit limits for each BOB Familiar
Fixed bugs with take all
fixed stacking issues(looked rs to make it the same for info)

Started On Familiar FVP AND FVN:
-Familiars will attack anyone attack you in combat.
-if OPP is 9 steps from player familiar stops combat and re summons beside u.
-Still got to find alot of EMOTE's for familiar attacks.
-Did familiar Special bar draining etc,and scroll requirements for special's
But still need specials gfx etc and more info on them.

Clan wars progress:
Made some settings work ,like no pots/food and dew others.
-made you be able to choose from 2 maps,working on all.i have found 4 maps so far for clanwars.
-Made mapdata static for each clan ,Exsample: 2 clans wars can happen same time same place,but will be on theyre own set regions.
-Still need to fix bug with secondary map's,when you teleport back to
normal clan lobby/mapregion goes black.(im look into it soon)
-Free for all clanwars(dangerous and safe done 100%)found theyre seperate locations.

bh world target system:
Fixed bugs in targeting system
-you now have potential and will randomly give u target instead of timed.
-When u enter safe-zone ,does the clock countdown ,like in rs and make u unavailable as target when it hits 0.
-re did the way safe zones/pvp and other areas are done,the old way was shitty and unorganized.

made global shop where players can sell items like in rs general store.
-Shop buys it for half the price of normal price.
-started working on a hardcoded price checker.

added more clue scrolls (total of 27 now)
-still need child id for the items to appear when receivng reward.
-ATM you only get the items. u dont see em on interface.

Started the wave system(about 75%)

Almost done redoing npc combat
-The base i got it with,was all wrong/very buggy
-i erased everything to do with PVN
-started new class's /repackeged everything
-Finished mage on npc yesterday (oncluding multi barrage's and miasaic's)
-Range on npc done(80%)
Only missing couple of specs and 2 bolt effects.
-mellee almost done(gotta do my hit methods again)

Added couple more donar privledges
Small exsample:
Donors get 1000 bank spaces/slots for items & none donors get 250

Fixed couple of other bugs
-All on death dupes (gone)
-all trade dupes (gone)
-all items dupe (gone) Player dont even have items command.
-all dc dupes (gone)

Note* i looked through 317/474/508 and other 525's found any known dupes
and fixed every single once i found ,or either they dident work.



1.Me (d3mons dead)



1. Me (d3mons dead)





Will update the rest later on.


------------Some Random pics------------

Ultimatum - X Clues
Ultimatum - X Bob-1
Ultimatum - X Overloads
Ultimatum - X Summonrestore
Ultimatum - X Healer
Ultimatum - X Praybook
Ultimatum - X Praybook1
Ultimatum - X Npcinteracting
Bank pins made with npc interacting
Ultimatum - X Bankpins
Ultimatum - X Pvptimer
Some basic pics, i had of the main spec and autocast
nothing special, just more media.

Ultimatum - X Autocast
Ultimatum - X Vestaspear
Ultimatum - X Vestalong
Ultimatum - X Statham
Ultimatum - X Morriganjav
Ultimatum - X Morriganaxe
Ultimatum - X Miasiac
Ultimatum - X Clawspec
Ep system ,only goes up with 250,000+ risk,has stattuetes drops,brawler gloves etc with drop potential, and much more.

Ultimatum - X EP
Ultimatum - X Statuettes

Note* this is a thread to keep me organised on what ive done and have accomplished
not all the feature have been added on the current lists,but i will do my
best to update them ,and update new things added in the update spoiler.

I have NOT posted a website link,or download link becuase of 2 reasons

1.This isent a advertisement.
2.The server hasent gone public yet.

I will post details about the server,and how it works,and how i coded it
to help its stabilty and overall performance.

If you want to help me further develop my server i have no problem
with that,but dont exspect to have source access.


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Post  Ix Hybrid Xi on Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:16 am

Good luck matey Smile

You'll do well.

Ultimatum - X Siggggyyy
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Post  D3mons dead on Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:18 am

im thinking weather to start a 562 using pali Nio.
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Post  Ix Hybrid Xi on Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:19 am

That could be good i would offer my help but im no good with 562's :/.

Ultimatum - X Siggggyyy
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Post  KamikaziWolf on Wed Oct 27, 2010 5:54 am

Sounds good! Cant wait for it to go public. Economic RSPS's are always more fun, as you said with spawn u get so bored after uve got 99 stats cuz u can just ::item and get the best when working for it is always more fun.
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Post  Moe on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:32 am

Haha,i used to have a old server called Ultimatum X Razz.

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